Jamey Johnson at The Rave was a cool show. He's been going at it since 2002 as a singer/songwriter and made some very impressive accomplishments including co writing George Straits 51st #1 and having his songs hit the top 10.  The Rave was full of people. A lot seemed to be from Illinois but none were Bears fans to say the least! I missed the name of the guy who opened as I was mingling with people but he sure was jamming. Later when Jamey came on he was one of the guitarists. The lighting technician fell asleep so it was hard to get good picture's and video's unless you were ready when Jamey was moving around,  but the sound was amazing. Of course he played "In Color" and "High Cost of Living" along with a lot of his older style country music which was awesome and everyone was singing along. The guy on the autoharp was great as well! He was also playing with the man that opened. The band put on a great show and Milwaukee was glad to have them!


-Brian Nelson