On Saturday March 29, 2014, FM106.1 and there Bud Light concert series were proud to serve Milwaukee with a dose of Charlie Worsham and man did he throw down a show!

Opening for Charlie was Mr. Jay Matthews who seemed to be very talented. You could hear the enthusiasm and passion in songs he covered songs such as “Sold” originally done by John Michael Montgomery and “Wagon wheel” originally done by Ketch Secor (most recently done by Darius Rucker) He also played a song from his up and coming album which the crowd loved. He is set to release an 8 track album this August and I hope everyone can get a chance to check out his talent. I know I’ll be picking up a copy!

Got to meet Charlie Worsham and he seemed like a real laid back guy. He took time to chat with everyone on a personal level not worrying about a thing. He gave off a complete different persona than all the other entertainers I’ve meet so far. He seemed very excited to be in Milwaukee at The Rave for his first time as his gigantic smile didn’t leave his face all night! He played songs from his new album “Rubberband” including “Want Me Too”, “Mississippi in July,” and “Trouble Is” just to name a few. Not only did he do a great job with his acoustic guitar, he did a phenomenal job plucking away at the banjo. He played it like it was a bionic arm. While on his banjo he covered a lot of great songs such as “Billy Jean,”(Michael Jackson) “Crazy train,”(Ozzy) “Let it Be,”(Beatles)” Rich Girl,”(Hall & Oates) and  “I want Candy”(The Strangeloves) that the crowd really got into. We all loved the banjo session. He did a lot of crowd interaction throughout his performance also. He was grabbing people’s phones and recording with them, sang a little birthday song to a girl with a tiara on, and played a song with some ladies panties on his banjo! It was very entertaining show. After the show Charlie took time to stop by his merchandise table for pictures and autographs with his fans. Overall it was a great show! I would have to say best performance I’ve seen so far as the 2014 Concert Correspondent. Guess we’ll have to see who can try to top his performance!