Yup, that is the perfect concert title.  This concert experience was the best!  My daughter had to back out of attending with me, so I opened it up to friends.  Holy cow...never thought I would get so many offers (even  So, instead of playing favorites, I decided to keep it in the family and took my brother's girlfriend, Jenn along.  She was the perfect option.  I didn't know she worked at the BMO Harris Bradley center in the past, so she knew exactly where to go and get us there in a hurry. 
We started at 4:30 waiting to meet Hunter Hayes.  That guy is such a sweetie!  He took time to talk and even sign Jenn's CD.  Hunter Hayes has the Country Fans wrapped around him.  What an amazing artist and performer.  We attended his sound check and he constantly was talking to the audience.  You can tell he really appreciates his fans. 
Then, we were wisked off to meet Carrie Underwood.  It was such an intimate time.  She was standing 4 feet in front of me and she is as beautiful in person as in pictures.  Radar was so lucky to get to interview her.....I was a wee bit jealous!  When it was time for pictures, I thought we would be hurried in and out.  To my surprise, it was the opposite.  Jenn brought up that she is a hockey fan...and BOOM...Carrie and her started talking.  You can tell she is such a down to earth gal who would give her time and energy to anyone.  What a lovely lady she has become since I first saw her on American Idol.  You can definitely tell fame didn't change who she is.
Ok...enough about the meet and greets.  I asked Jenn to give her response on the show so I would like to share her response and give her a shout out on the blog.
"Hunter Hayes was amazing. Put on a high intensity show, kept the crowds attention. Played all of his hits. Showed off his piano skills during ‘Wanted’. Could really tell that he enjoys playing music and thanked Milwaukee for letting him come back.
Carrie Underwood put on a great show. High powered vocals were amazing. Sounds just like her records. 5 outfits...stage transformed to fit each of her different sets. Flying stage was awesome. Coolest thing I have seen in a concert. Amazing energy from beginning of concert to end of show."
I couldn't agree more on Jenn's comments.  I hope she enjoyed herself as much as I did.  Carrie and Hunter put on an awesome concert!  I would have no excuses in the world to miss another performance of theirs. 
Look at FM106.1's pictures....those pictures still could not do justice to see it in person.  I also encluded 3 of my favorite pictures (ok..maybe a bit biased).  To sum up my Friday night's experience......STAR STRUCK!