Closing out the Wisconsin State Fair on the main stage Sunday August 10, 2014 was the legendary musical group Alabama. These guys put on a great show! They played with some passion and the crowd loved them. The crowd was again singing and dancing along to all the songs they played. I'd say a good 9000 people were in attendance if not more! Alabama played some great hits including "Born Country", "I'm in a Hurry", "Song of the South", and "Dixieland Delight" to name a few. They had a couple that was celebrating there 50th wedding anniversary come up on stage to share a dance to "Angles Among Us" which the crowd went crazy for. I'd say we were all excited for them! From talking to all the people the only downfall to the concert was that they didn't play "Roll On"{eighteen wheeler} but with a song library like theirs we can all understand why they simply can't play all the songs that everyone wants. It has been about 13 years since they last played the State Fair and Milwaukee was sure glad to have them back! Thanks Alabama for a GREAT show!