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Mark Richards

Why I love the Robertsons

Why I love the Robertsons
Posted August 15th, 2013 @ 9:09am

A year ago - heck, six months ago - I thought "Duck Dynasty" featured Donald or Daffy.  Now I know better, and have become a big fan of the show.  I can't wait to see what the Robertsons are going to get into, and they have gotten themselves into some pretty interesting situations.  And let's face it: every family has an Uncle Si.

I've recently read and heard opinions of some people who think the show is silly, or stupid or any number of other less than complimentary things.  Me?  I think the Robertsons are simply being true to who they are: a family of self-proclaimed rednecks who got successful through a lot of hard work, and value that success.  And personally I'd rather watch them do some of the things they do than a bunch of spoiled rich kids from New Jersey get drunk and act like idiots.  

One other thing: a TV show that ends with the family gathered around the dinner table, bowing their heads in prayer and sharing a meal at the end of the day can't be all bad.  In fact, it should be an example to a lot of other programs. 

Oh, one other other thing: if you can't figure out who the Uncle Si is in your family, it might be you! 

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