Karen, Scott and Radar with Shannen

Say goodbye to this Taco Bell menu item

Karen, Scott and Radar with Shannen

Karen - The girl that always got in trouble for talking in school is happy she discovered a way to put her "skill" to use on the radio! Married with no kids, Karen loves working out, traveling and her dog Bodie! Find out more here!

Scott - Dad to two college students, plans weekends away with his wife and loves playing beer league softball with his buddies!

Radar - Is his kid's sports coach. Baseball, softball and basketball keep this dad to 3 busy! Not to mention running with his hound dog, Gibby! He's married to his best friend and hot wife, Jessica.

Shannen - Born and raised in Richfield, she’s always looking for local atmosphere in music, running trails and good eats. In her oh-so-spare off time, she's playing softball, watching HGTV, downing fried pickles and embarrassing herself on the dance floor (or in her car). Just living the dream. Learn more about Shannen here.

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