THE BAND PERRY: Invite Ski Team to Perform with Them


The Band Perry has invited members of the U.S. Olympic Ski team to join them on stage.

The invite came after the band saw a clip of Stacey CookJacqueline Wiles and Laurenne Ross singing "Better Dig Two." In addition to the invitation, KimberlyReid and Neil sent a note to the team saying, "We love you guys! Go Team USA!"


PARMALEE: Celebrate "Carolina" in Nashville   


Parmalee hit Nashville on Wednesday to throw a Valentine’s Day-themed party celebrating their first number-one hit “Carolina.” Several friends and family from their hometown of Parmale, North Carolina visited Music City for the private event.

Before the party, Parmalee joked that they hoped the occasion would be the first family get-together where they didn’t have to explain their day jobs.