Traveling the world is all about enjoying different sights, sounds, tastes, and – of course – smells.

Here’s a rundown of some of the smelliest cities in the world:

  • Rotorua, New Zealand – It smells like rotten eggs because the city was built on top of a geothermal hot spot, which spews sulfur into the air.
  • Los Angeles, California – In the summertime, the smell of smog fumes, seaweed, garbage heaps, and homeless people mix in a bad way.
  • Venice, Italy – While the canals of Venice are beautiful, they are also used to dump the city’s sewage.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland – Edinburgh’s breweries and distilleries have been causing such a stink that the city finally demanded, in 2009, that the North British Distillery install an “odor-control tower” to help slow down the smell of malt and yeast. (