The Masters golf tournament is underway in Augusta, Georgia and, as much fun as golf can be to watch, it’s a miserable game to play.

Here’s a rundown of some reasons golf sucks:

  • It’s expensive – Think about how much it costs to play a round of golf, and then think about how much fun you could have with that money as a bar tab.
  • It’s impossible – Most amateur golfers are thrilled if they hit one decent shot in an entire round. One! Life is too short for such torture.
  • The carts are slow – Guys like to go fast. Golf carts are pathetically slow. Riding a tricycle down a hill is more of a thrill.
  • It requires honor – When playing golf, everyone bends the rules, even though it’s a “gentlemen’s game.” So not only will you shoot a score you’re unhappy with, you’ll also feel guilty about all the times you cheated just to get that score. (