PARENTING: Applebee's Calls Police on Family with Noisy Kids

In Texas, managers at an Applebee’s restaurant asked a family to leave because of their rowdy kids – and things escalated to the point that the cops were called.

Lillian Maliti, the mother of the one-year-old and three-year-old boys says she feels “disrespected,” and added, "This has never happened in my life."

Her husband, Eli Gau, tried to explain the situation by admitting his young kids are “active” and that they “act like children," but thinks things were blown out of proportion.

But restaurant guests paint a different picture.

One person who was there said, “This child was not wandering around ... he was running around the restaurant screaming at guests as they tried to enjoy their meals. Then the parents raised hell in front of the whole restaurant.” (Yahoo Shine)

Billy Greenwood

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