You know you've made it as a sports star if you're more commonly referred to by your nickname than your actual name. For instance, if "D-Wade" lobs an alley-oop to "King James," you know thatDwyane Wade just tossed an alley-oop to LeBron James. See how smart you are?

The NBA is also smart and they know a money-making opportunity when they see one. Realizing that many NBA players have nicknames and knowing that fans spend a lot of money on jerseys, the league is considering letting the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets wear jerseys featuring their nicknames in one of their four match-ups next season. So you might see "King James" on the back of a Heat jersey and "KG" on the back of Kevin Garnett's Nets jersey.

Of course, some problems could arise. What if a player doesn't have a nickname or his nickname isn't exactly family friendly? And what if multiple players have the same nickname? (