LOOKING GOOD: Phys Ed Teacher Wore Same Outfit for 40 Years

Posted: Tuesday 02:05PM Jul. 02, 2013 PST

Dale Irby has been a phys ed teacher in Dallas, Texas, for the past 40 years. In his first year teaching, in 1973, he wore a snazzy polyester button down and brown sweater vest for yearbook photo day – because he wanted to make a good impression.

Without even realizing it, he wore the exact same outfit for the 1974 yearbook picture. His wife, Cathy, thought is was so hilarious that he wore the same outfit two years in a row that she dared him to do it for the next five years. Dale gladly took his wife's dare, and by the time the '80s rolled around, he was so used to his dated polyester ensemble he decided to make it a tradition until he retired!

He wore the shirt and vest in every yearbook photo for 40 years in a row. Now that's a lesson in dedication.

Here's a video of him, through the years: