Halloween ... It's coming and there's nothing parents can do to stop the flood of candy that's about to hit.

While it's almost impossible for parents to stop their kids from eating candy, there are some ways that parents can get control of the situation.

Here are some ways to keep kids from overloading on candy:

  • Early Decisions – Before the big night out, decide with your kids what is a reasonable amount of candy to eat that night and after. You can package the candy in small bags to make the holiday last longer, ration a piece or two a day, or even decide to donate or throw some away.
  • Eat Dinner – Feed your kids dinner before trick or treating so they will not be starving and want to fill up on candy while going from house to house.
  • Role Models – As a parent, you need to be a good role model by not eating all the candy yourself.
  • Emphasize the Fun – Take some emphasis off candy by focusing on the fun of the holiday, like checking out the costumes and decorated houses.