Did YOURS Make The List?

Most people go to college to get a better job – so they can make more money.

But some colleges crank out graduates who go on to make a LOT of money.

According to research firm Wealth-X, here’s a rundown of the top five colleges with the riches alumni:

5. New York University, New York – 828 super-rich alumni

4. Columbia University, New York – 889 super-rich alumni

3. Stanford University, Stanford, California – 1,174 super-rich alumni

2. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia – 1,502 super-rich alumni

1. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts – 2,964 super-rich alumni

If you think your chances – or your kids’ chances – of striking it rich are low because you’re not going to an Ivy League school, think again. 93 percent of the world’s super-rich never attended a top ranked school. (BroBible.com)

Billy Greenwood

You might say Billy grew up in radio. His Dad, "Ol Uncle Gar" introduced him to the business at a very young age. For the past 25 years, he's played on radio stations around the country! When he's not in the studio, he and his wife Melissa love finding great new restaurants to try out and enjoy spending time at home with their family, Grant (18) Jack (1) and the newest addition baby Max! Oh, and their two little shih Tzus, Lexi and Dallas. Life is definitely good.



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