For the fourth straight year, Hawaii has been named the best state for residents' overall well-being, according to a Gallup survey. You're probably thinking, "How could it not?! Beautiful beaches, awesome weather – it's like living every day on vacation!" But there's more to the survey than the weather ...

The survey evaluates overall well-being based on everything from physical and emotional health to job satisfaction. Hawaii scored 71.1 out of 100 on the well-being scale. According to the report, “Residents living in Hawaii were most likely to experience daily enjoyment and least likely to have daily worry or stress, which contributed to their high emotional health.” Packing up and moving to Paradise sounds like a pretty good idea!

Other happy states included: 

  • Colorado, 69.7
  • Minnesota, 68.9
  • Utah, 68.8
  • Vermont, 68.6
  • Nebraska, 68.5
  • Montana, 68.5
  • New Hampshire, 68.4
  • Massachusetts, 68.1

West Virginia scored the lowest, with 61.3. (