Here's a list of stuff that dogs teach us without even knowing it!


-Forgive mistakes!  Now matter what we humans do-scoot our dogs off the couch or take a jog without them-dogs never hold a grudge.

-Be Yourself.   Dogs have no interest in being anything but themselves!  They don't worry about impressions...they just want to love.

-Embrace the power of silence.  Listening is hard work and many times (myself included!) spend more time waiting for our turn to speak rather than paying attention to what our family/friends are telling us.  Dogs just cock cock their heads a try to understand our message.

-Show love in big & small ways!  From laying in our laps to barking wildly and running in circles at the park, dogs let us know we're loved every day.

-Prioritize exercise.  Life can be stressful and exercise helps fight back against tension.  Most dogs would agree we'd all be better off if we spent more times together on walks

-Celebrate time together.  Whether we left the house five minutes or five hours ago, canine companions are over-the-moon thrilled to be reunited with us.  In our busy world, stopping to "celebrate" the entrance of a loved one doesn't happen often enough.